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Keep Your Carpets Clean: The Truth

This sounds like watching paint dry. Keep in mind that keeping your carpet cleaners northshore will give your home the same feeling as a warm hug. You want to create a place that you enjoy walking in, where you feel comfortable kicking off your shoes.

Vacuuming is your friend. It’s easy to believe that vacuuming too much will wear out your carpet quicker than a child wearing out new shoes. This is not the case. Vacuuming regularly removes dirt and dust from your carpet before they can get comfortable and begin to break down its fibers. Consider it preventive medicine for the floors.

Then, we’ll get to the good stuff: stains. Like uninvited party guests, they arrive unexpectedly and refuse not to leave. It’s important to stay calm and act quickly when dealing with stains. When you are in a panic, you may reach for the nearest cleaner. This can lead to disaster or at least discoloration of your rug. If you can catch the spills early, white vinegar and water will work for most.

Sometimes, however, even with our best efforts, we cannot give our carpets the help they need. When that happens, it’s best to hire a professional. They’ve seen it all, and they know how to clean it. These guys are armed with equipment that would make our spray bottles and scrub brush look like toys. They can make things look (and smell) new again, whether they use hot-water extraction or a fancy method we haven’t heard of.

What about in between professional cleanings? The best way to clean a spot is with a squeegee. You’re a detective who is specialized in dirt. Knowing what type of stain to deal with will help you choose the right cleaning tool. Test your cleaner first on a hidden part of the carpet. Nobody wants bleach spots in their living room.

You may be surprised to learn that cleaning your carpet can actually help you breathe better. Literally! Carpets can trap dust and other particles, which is great until it builds up and starts to affect the air quality of your home. Regular cleaning prevents those particles from being kicked into the air each time someone walks past.

There’s also the debate over whether to use encapsulation or shampoo. It’s old-fashioned to use shampooing. It cleans but leaves behind a wet foam which takes forever for it to dry. Encapsulation, the younger brother of shampooing, traps dirt into dry foam that you vacuum up after it dries.

It’s not rocket science to keep carpets clean, but it does take some elbow grease and a little know-how (or sometimes paying for professional assistance). The goal is to make your home feel as comfortable and welcoming as possible. After all, that’s what we want. We all want a place to relax, unwind, and spill a little wine every now and again without it causing any problems.

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