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The Underdog Plant for Sustainability and Wellness

Oh, hemp cannabis! It’s like a Swiss Army knife, only without the tiny and difficult to use scissors. This green miracle has been around a few blocks – thousands of times, in fact. It’s not going to get you high. That’s the cousin of hemp, marijuana. Hemp is like the straight edge member of the family. It’s loaded with cbd hemp experts without THC.

Let’s begin with clothing. You can wear it! The fibers sounding scratchy can actually be very soft and provide a sturdy thread. Imagine jeans lasting so long that the technology of your phone becomes obsolete before those pants. And sails, too? The word canvas is derived directly from the cannabis plant. The sailors were on to something long before hemp was added to our smoothies.

Hemp seeds are the perfect addition to smoothies. Omega-3s? Check. Protein? Yep. It’s easy. Just sprinkle some on your cereal bowl.

This is where things get really cool. Growing hemp helps Mother Earth. This plant needs little water and doesn’t need pesticides. This plant improves soil health through a process called phytoremediation.

But for years, hemp was stuck in a legal limbo. People couldn’t distinguish it from the relative that makes you high. After 2018, hemp became legal in the U.S. thanks to new legislation. The market is booming with everything from eco friendly packaging to health products.

Here’s the bumpy part: diving into hemp, despite its potential, is not a stroll in the park. The market is still in flux, with prices that fluctuate like a cat bouncing on a hot roof. Some people don’t understand the benefits of hemp.

Innovation, however, has not taken a backseat. Scientists work to develop better strains that contain more fiber or CBD. Others are trying to maximize the amount of goodness.

What’s the next step for our green pal? If we play our cards well, and respect its history and future, we could be on our way to a sustainable future. One where our clothes aren’t as expensive (literally), or where our smoothie doesn’t only taste good.

The humble hemp plant is one of nature’s most powerful plants.

The underdog of the past has now become a hero for today. May we wear hemp well, eat and grow it better.

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