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What To Look For When Choosing The Right Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Let’s dive straight in to the leather motorcycle vests. Imagine you are speeding along a highway, with the wind blowing in your face (under your helmet for safety! Imagine a leather vest slouching on your torso as you speed down a highway. This is not just any vest. This vest speaks directly to your soul. This vest is like a good friend who still knows you and cares about you.

Let’s talk about the quality of a leather vest. Leather has different textures. Some are hard, like the overcooked ribeye of your grandmother. Others are soft, like a puppy’s belly. Full-grain leather is the best; it’s like the VIP section. If fullgrain leather is out of your price range, you can choose top-grain.

Craftsmanship? Yes, it is! Have you ever bought something that crumbled faster than a house made of cards in a wind tunnel at high speed? This is not good. The jacket that is well made will last you forever. Look for good stitching if you want to buy a vest which will last. Zippers shouldn’t fail at the worst possible time.

Pockets are more than just places to put your keys. Your vest should have enough pockets to store your essentials. It should not, however, make it appear as if you are hiding squirrels under your vest.

Customizing is where the fun really begins! Imagine your vest as a canvas on which you can paint your life. You can add club logos, patches and cheeky quotes. Make the shirt shout “you”.

Stay focused and stay away from jargon. The Highway 21 Iron Sights Denim vest has a denim and leather combination for a stylish look. Check out the Legendary Whitetails Journeyman Rugged Shirt Jacket for men if you like leather commandos.

It’s not about checking boxes on a fashion god’s checklist to choose the best leather motorcycle vests. It’s important to select a vest that represents you and your story.

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